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Interview with God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle

23 March 2012 5 Comments

By: Andrew

God Forbid’s 6th album, Equilibrium, will be released this coming Monday, March 26th on Victory Records. Let’s keep it simple – the material on Equilibrium sounds huge: catchy, melodic hooks meets elements of thrash meets groovy, heavy, aggressive rhythms.

Doc joined us to discuss the album, their upcoming tour as support to the almighty Overkill, as well as his brother Dallas, a former member of God Forbid.

The most important thing here is to go out and grab the record. As a fan, I’ve never been disappointed by a God Forbid release – ever. Hands down, one of the most consistent bands in any genre of music.

We at All Knowing Force are admired by their tenacity and are thrilled to be able to enjoy new God Forbid material.

The audio was a little too spotty due to Doc’s connection, so we will transcribe the pertinent parts of the conversation. All that appears below, our questions in bold, and Doc’s answers below in quotes. But before I get to that, let me say one thing. If there is any one word to describe God Forbid, it’s CONSISTENT. Time and time again, they put out quality album after quality album. Equilibrium is no different. If prior to this post you’ve never given them a shot – now is the time. Equilibirum is a great starting point because it really showcases where they were, where they are, and even more importantly, where they’re going.

Talk to us about the small, local shows God Forbid just played, as well as where your head is for the upcoming Equilibrium release.

“We feel good to get out and play. We took all of last year off to focus on the album, the recording, the writing. We wanted to get out and do a few intimate shows, just for fun. Not about making money or playing a cool place. Just having fun. Playing new songs. Old songs. We have a new label. A new manager. We’re going out with Overkill for a while. Should be awesome.”

And about the album, how would you sum up its sound?

“I think it might be our best album. We put the most time into it. Things went smoothly. It wasn’t a bunch of arguing. Everything flowed. At the end of the day, it’s about we went out and did something we enjoyed. We were passionate about it. Nothing more beautiful than that.”

Arguing. I think your brother Dallas when you say that. How’s he doing? How’s your relationship been with him?

“It was definitely a challenge not having him and his input there. He was ready to move on. The last album to make was tough. Dallas had his ideas, pulling us in a direction. The group dynamic wasn’t the best for him. He wants to do solo stuff and have control. We still hang out. There’s no bad blood. He’s supportive of the new album and even says this is our best album. He thinks the band is better off moving on because he wasn’t into it.”

The video for “Where We Come From” really takes a look into the daily lives of God Forbid. We love the video. What led to God Forbid taking that route, that literal route in terms of the song to the video?

“Yeah, it wasn’t about exposing ourselves, or anything like that. We’ve always been a hard-working band. We’ve always given off that vibe. That’s what we put out there. It was cool how it all came together. We came up with the idea and the label was behind it 100%. Without a couple of days, the video was done. The turnaround on it was crazy and we’re glad to have it out there.”

There has been talking on the internet about God Forbid becoming djent. We don’t even know what djent is. How did that come about?

“I assume you read about it on a site like PRP, but that’s just someone taking something I said out of context and running with it. Next thing I know it’s all over the internet and I’m answering questions about it on Twitter. It needlessly took a life of its own.”

You can visit God Forbid on their Facebook for all details regarding the band. You can follow Doc on Twitter as well.

Below, enjoy “Where We Come From,” the first video and single from Equilibrium.

And, here are some of my other favorites from God Forbid’s earlier releases.

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  • zebo said:

    Equilibrium is a quality album. 8/10.

    I stand behind everything Andrew wrote above. You should pick this up. I was skeptical putting down my $10. Now I have to put together some money to buy some of the earlier stuff.

    Doc is a humble guy.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • stagecoach said:

    I’ve checked your show out sparingly since like 2005. Stoked to see you supporting my boys with that writeup.

    Equilibrium will kick your ass. Get it NOW!

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • LIFEless said:

    After all these years you finally do something with God Forbid. I wish it was a call in show. Doc is a cool dude. I see him at Duff’s all the time.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • J. Numbas said:

    I never got into God Forbid and always fealt they were a poor mans Unearth even though those guys are poor in there own right.

    I listened to some of the stuff on this new one on youTube and it’s pretty decent. Decent doesnt cut it tho.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • YBT said:

    Until now I thought God Forbid was done. I really have to brush up on my metal. I don’t think they’ve ever put out a bad CD. Kudos to them for hanging around.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

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