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Disturbed, Sevendust @ The Palladium in Hollywood, 1/09

23 February 2009 11 Comments

He can see inside you. The sickness is rising.

He can see inside you. The sickness is rising.

By: Darius

i have seen this monstrous band from the dirty, dirty south nearly a dozen times up and down the east coast so i was interested to see what it would be like to see them in SO-CAL. of course, it won’t be as good as seeing the glorious Sevendust in the glorious city of Atlanta (OUR home stomping grounds bitches!) at the glorious Tabernacle. but it could still be good right? they were always awesome in NYC, in jersey, in DC, in baltimore!!! it can happen right?!?!?


3 reasons why i walked away disappointed:

1) LA crowds suck
2) The Palladium sucks
3) They weren’t headlining

LA crowds, particularly at metal shows (save for deftones who are worshipped here), are notoriously awful. bands, more often than not, dont like playing here. i remember when lacy (flyleaf’s lead singer) nearly pleaded with me on interscope’s rooftop to not move here. oh well, she may have a platinum record under her belt but i spent MLK day on the beach so suck it!

so i walked in and went straight for the floor. and was stopped…. no sir you need to walk all the way around and get a wristband to enter the floor. what the fuck? apparently the stupid ass palladium has a fire code in place where only a certain amount of people can go on the floor. this is ridiculous because at motley crue it was so packed in there you could hardly move. whatever, i got my wrist band and went down.

immediatley i could tell that they werent letting a ton of people down there. i guess i was actually lucky to have gotten a wrist band. had i NOT gotten a wrist band and wouldve had to stand nearly 75 yards (give or take) away from the stage to see 7dust, i mightve gone on a gun-slinging rampage, so lets be glad those fuckers gave me a goddam wrist band.

i found out this morning that the Palladium actually chooses which shows to utilize the wristband rule, and Disturbed/7dust fell in that category. Chalk that up as another reason why the Palladium can suck my balls behind the $14 beers and terrible dimensions (way too wide, forces people to cram in the middle) of the venue. let me just tell you, the people were so crammed outside the floor that THAT should have been a fire hazard. people were 5-10 feet deep in the balconies. bullshit. fuck the Palladium.

so the band comes out and rips into “Inside”, than “Denial”, “Suffocate”, and a string of their heavier catalouge. closed with “Face to Face.” 1 small mosh pit in the middle, no crowd surfers. i was stage left, clint’s side, about 10 feet away and wasn’t touched. are you fucking joking me? i’ve never been that close to the stage at a 7dust show and not been pushed around, not had to help surfers make it to the front, not been unable to hear myself, gotten hot and sweaty, etc. just nothingness…. i mean come on, the bands have practically the exact same fan base! it’s just a typical LA metal crowd though.

the band, as usual, went out and ripped it. but it was obviously a shorter set and a few of them (notably morgan) were miffed by the crowd response. morgan actually was goofing off behind the kit during a song, but like not in a good way. he looked like he was trying to amuse himself b/c he was bored. maybe, just maybe, things would’ve been better, performance-wise, had they been headlining. i dunno, at least it would’ve been a longer set.

oh well, i still love them and will see them at the (much better) Wiltern in may with Black Label Society. but after that experience i had no desire to give Disturbed a chance. i actually walked out and found a kid who didnt get a wristband and gave him mine. i didnt want to walk out early with that thing on my arm, better to give it to someone else who can maybe have a great time on the floor. i just hope he didnt get blinded by the glare from Dave Draimans retarded lip hoop-rings. god i hate disturbed.

im shaking my head right now thinking about this.


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  • Vinny said:

    Please get the new site functional. The first time I read AKF I noticed the writing was different. Andrew writes how he talks and this review was written on the fly. Please keep the site updated. The wit and humor used to get me through my day. Who is Darius?

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Jenny said:

    Ugh. Venues like that with the wristband rules suck. Starland is like that and they jam us in this little room in the back. The smokers get to go outside atleast!

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Arched Isis Byleveling said:

    la beers cant be more than ny beers. ny crowds are becoming more and more like la crowds.

    fix the rss feed

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • AngelEyes42 said:

    This is the exact way all Disturbed show reviews should be: no Disturbed review!!!!! Way to go!!!!

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Oscar Bx said:

    Stop the Disturbed hating!!! JEEZ!!! Now everyone that makes a little bit of money will be hated on. Blabbermouth has infected people’s minds. I’ve never been to this venue but understand what he’s saying. The wrist band rules are bs but its for insurance reasons or licensing regulations. I’m not defending them, it sucks balls. I stay away from these venues any chance I can get. -O

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • GraceOfGod said:

    what a flash in the pan flyleaf was. i had to think a couple of mins before i realized who they were. i was at this show and the review is good. disturbed was great tho – hate to say it!

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • darius said:

    i wouldn’t count on flyleaf being a flash in the pan. their new record should be released this year. they were marketed brilliantly and toured their asses off to become one of rock’s greatest success stories a couple of years ago. they could wind up being another evanescence, but we shall see.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Andrew Marten (author) said:

    Ladies and gentleman, Darius just called Flyleaf “one of rock’s greatest success stories.” This proves that if you eat pizza with him, he’ll love you forever. Rumor has it, last time they were in town, Tapes ‘N Tapes bought him an entire pie. *Alert: A pie is a slang term for “an entire pizza.”

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • The Sickness said:

    Flyleaf B-L-O-W-S! I concur with Andrew, but I’d jab my wang in the singer’s right nostril if given the chance.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Moosey said:

    Love the picture and caption.

    I can bike w/o handles.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Rob Dylan said:

    Looks like Dave stole that shirt from the wrestler, Kane

      (Quote)  (Reply)

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