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[25 Oct 2014 | 4 Comments | ]
Interview with Big Wreck frontman Ian Thornley

When I think Big Wreck, I think of honesty, authenticity, and all of those similar characteristics that make me love music. Their latest album, Ghosts, is one of the best rock records released in 2014. It was an honor to have Ian Thornley on the show. I have nothing but respect for every note of music this man has ever released. Come inside and acquaint yourself with this awesome band. -Andrew

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[4 Aug 2014 | 18 Comments | ]
Interview with Kix founding Guitarist Brian Forsythe

I’m not saying Kix was a glam band, because they were most certainly not…but, of all the bands to come out of the 80’s, Kix is one of the best you’ll see live. And I’ve seen them all. I got my start with Midnite Dynamite, and I was a fan ever since. We thank Brian “Damage” Forsythe for taking the opportunity to speak with us about all things Kix, and their first record in nearly two decades, Rock Your Face Off. -Andrew