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Bush, Chevelle, Filter Concert Review – 9/28/11 – Grove of Anaheim – Anaheim, CA

30 September 2011 3 Comments

by: Darius


If you are a fan of rock music than I would venture a guess that somewhere, maybe buried deep within your iPod, computer, or Rhapsody account, that you have a Bush song or two nestled in one of your playlists. This band, in the face of all the insults thrown at them for various reasons, has produced quite a number of hits over the years. You might not like them. You might not want to like them. But I guarantee that there is at least one Bush song that you can begrudgingly admit to enjoying.

I’m an unabashed Bush fan and have been since middle school when I bought Sixteen Stone. Every single record they’ve released has been welcomed by my ears. I even love Golden State, which never got it’s proper due, particularly because of an unfortunate release date and an unsupportive record label. Regardless, I saw them play the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY that year and they were incredible.

ending of article.JPG

It’s been nearly 10 years since that time but I have finally seen them again. This past Wednesday evening, Bush played the Grove of Anaheim with Chevelle and Filter supporting. It’s one heck of a lineup, considering all 3 bands are headlining acts sharing the same stage.

It’s no secret that I consider Filter one of the greatest bands in the world. Lead singer Richard Patrick is a phenomenal frontman and an inspiration for many as well. This night marked 9 years of sobriety for him. Patrick even has the date of his sobriety tattooed on his arm and showed it to the audience after being acknowledged by his band.

Filter Live Anaheim.JPG

I was especially anxious for Filter considering I was at their disappointing headlining show at the Key Club in West Hollywood two months prior. For a hometown show, there was something amiss and it was noticeable to the audience. Lead guitarist Rob Patterson looked annoyed the entire show. He didn’t seem like he even wanted to be there. I’ve seen Filter many times and I noticed it. My friend noticed it as well and that was his first show. The crowd was dead and it took a lot of effort from Richard to get people moving. After seeing so many exemplary performances, this one fell way short of expectations.

Therefore, I was really looking forward to seeing them again and was hoping for a better performance. First of all, Rob is absent during this tour and Jonny Radke (Kill Hannah, Ashes Divide) is filling in. According to posts on Facebook, Patterson is taking time to deal with some issues and “get healthy.” Well, take it for what it is, but Radke did a fantastic job and looked to be having a great time.

Richard Patrick, as usual, went off and was crowd surfing, grabbing people’s iPhones and recording the band on stage, and working the audience like a true pro. He even stopped “Hey Man, Nice Shot” after just a few seconds because a fight had broken out in the audience. Don’t you love those guys? You go to a rock show and have to deal with knuckle dragging meatheads fighting with each other. Thankfully, Richard put them in their place and had the band start over.

RIchard daughter.JPG
Richard Patrick with Daughter

Without a doubt, the greatest part of the show was during “Take a Picture,” when Richard Patrick brought his young daughter Sloan on stage. She was donning a kids size Filter dress and loved being up there with her dad in front of a big crowd. He held her during the song’s anthemic chorus while everyone cheered. It was a cool moment. I simply can’t say enough about this band. The Trouble With Angels was the greatest record that came out all last year. If you haven’t bought it yet and seen Filter live since, than you’ve truly missed out.

By the time Chevelle came onstage the place was pretty slammed. I hadn’t seen Chevelle in nearly 10 years and long before they became mainstays at hard rock radio. I last saw them at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY as the openers to a Local H headlined show. My, how times have changed.

Chevelle live.jpg

Throughout Chevelle’s set, I found myself thinking, “I remember when this song was on the radio every 30 minutes.” They have an impressive repertoire of hits. Chevelle played one new song, titled, “Face To The Floor.” All in all, a very solid performance from the band. Chevelle has an untitled studio album that is currently slated for a December release.

Bush released their fifth studio album, The Sea of Memories, on September 13th. It’s a welcome return for the band, considering we haven’t had new Bush music in 10 years. In between, lead singer Gavin Rossdale issued some lackluster solo material and toured behind it, playing a lot of Bush songs in the process.

The Sea of Memories

I was pleasantly surprised that Bush played on a double decker stage. I love these things; they add a pretty cool dimension to the show. The stage and lighting made the 2,500 capacity Grove feel like an arena. Lead guitar player Chris Traynor, who at this point has played with Gavin just as long as original axeman Nigel Pulsford, did a fine job with all of the guitar parts. He also had an uncanny resemblence to the great Zakk Wylde, with his long hair and beard.

They opened with “Machinehead,” played a ton of hits and as well as new material and than concluded with an encore featuring a terrific Beatles cover (“Come Together,”) a surprising “Glycerine” that included the whole band, and finally their breakout hit, “Come Down.” “Everything Zen” perfectly segued into a snippet of “The One I Love” by the recently retired REM.

Bush live.jpg

I’m going to save the typical show analysis and just say that Bush was superb. With slight trepidation, I purchased this ticket because it cost $50 and it had been so many years since I last saw the band. Would they perform well enough to justify the expenditure? Was it worth driving an hour south to see it? I must admit, that if it weren’t for Chevelle and Filter, I wouldn’t have spent the money.

Now I can honestly say, not only was it worth $50, but I think this tour is one of the very best values currently on the road. You get to see three great bands perform, see Bush again playing new solid material and the majority of their hits, and maybe even reminisce about how wonderful MTV used to be. I say, do it. The tour covers most of the United States through October before going to Europe. Don’t even think about it; just buy a ticket. You won’t be sorry.

***Filter: Setlist – Anaheim, CA. 9/28/2011***

Welcome To The Fold
Drug Boy
No Love
Gimme All Your Lovin’ (ZZ Top)
Trip Like I Do
Take A Picture
The Best Things
Hey Man, Nice Shot

***Chevelle: Setlist***

Family System
Get Some
Vitamin R
Face To The Floor
Sleep Apnea
Send The Pain Below
An Evening With El Diablo
Comfortable Liar
The Red
The Clincher
I Get It

***Bush: Setlist***

All My Life
Little Things
I Believe In You
The Sound of Winter
Everything Zen > The One I Love
Chemicals Between Us
All Night Doctors
The People That We Love


Come Together (Beatles)
Come Down

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  • dropbows said:

    where’s Bush’s little bald guy? That dude was adorable.

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  • Thomas said:

    Who gets a cut of the two tickets you just sold me?

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  • KARNOV said:

    Pay it forward.

    Not a fan of any of these 3 but it’s a great package. Prob some hot chicks in their 30’s there.

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