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American Head Charge Co-Founder and Bassist Chad Hanks Interview Archived

3 October 2011 79 Comments

by:  Andrew

Just so you know, you can download all 3 American Head Charge albums for free – legally – on our free music page. Just go there and scroll down to American Head Charge. It costs a small fortune to host this show, so checking out that link helps us tremendously. Thank you!

It’s no secret that All Knowing Force has, and always will, support American Head Charge.  I will always intrigue the younger generation to take a first listen while simultaneously convincing the older generation to give the them another shot.

Go listen to The Sickness.  Hybrid Theory.  Or, how about one of those classics from Adema?  Then, go listen to The War of Art and The Feeding.  David’s bird sounds don’t hold up nor does Chester’s whining.  And Adema, well, if you listened to Adema after 2003, I have a shotgun you can borrow.  I still listen to both The War of Art and The Feeding constantly.

My first impression when I heard American Head Charge was reforming was, “Oh man, this is going to be a disaster.”  I can only hope, along with their fans across the world, that when they do their first live show in way too many years at the end of this month, that they realize the only ones that can stop the machine are themselves. 

I love this band.  I wish them nothing but the best on their Tourette and, hopefully, the follow-up to The Feeding.

This audio runs two hours, and it is joined in progress during a Jane’s Addiction discussion.  You guys wanted this archived fast, and I didn’t have time to smoothly edit out the music we’re licensed to play live but not archive.

No need for a synopsis.  This covers everything from the band to greeting cards to the IRS. To all of you that joined us live and maxed out the stream capacity, thank you. To everyone who asked a question, I hope we got to it. On behalf of Darius, we appreciate you taking the time out of your night to spend with us. Until next week. Same time, same place. You can listen to our show with Chad by clicking here, and stalk or send greeting cards to American Head Charge on their Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Anon4 said:

    i heard that system of a down was the major influence in head charge signing to american. i’d like to hear the story behind. i remember someone back in the day telling me about it. i never knew anything came out after war of art. i cant believe this dude was on ur show 4 times and i didnt even check.

    can someone burn trepenation for me?? i have a version of fall that someone says was from trepenation because it doesnt match the war of art cversion

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  • paolo said:

    pls come back to spain ahc, stupid avenged sevenfold is all we got here, help me pls

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  • donewithsergio said:

    I chose my name in honor of Jane’s Addiction and Andrew’s idiotic comment that Jane’s isn’t one the best bands ever. At times I think he’s deaf.

    Onto more pressing matters — I hated AHC because of the crap they pulled, didn’t care a drop about their fans, only themselves. thus, they failed and went to obscurity. i listended to this show by hanks by download and went to revisit some of their stuff. sounds better now then when i was 22.

    hopeflly they get a shot after murdering their career b/c its true there stuff holds up

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  • icepix said:

    I’m glad to hear they’re all in good health.

    I too look when Dave Navarro removes his shirt.

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  • Sourboy said:

    AHC are awesome . We need them .We’d be lucky to get a new record.

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  • Carla said:

    I am appalled at something I just read online about American Head Charge. I’m sitting in my office, getting ready to tally the day’s receipts when I have to wait around for a call coming in from London. I decide to search for American Head Charge stuff online when I found this.


    I’m not a violent girl but this guy needs a beatdown after this disrespectful comment.

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  • barb melz said:

    AHC sucked and always will suck.


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  • Chad said:


    Apparently, boundaries aren’t a big thing to you.

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  • Mystery_ said:

    I saw AHC on their last headlining tour. Embarrassing turnout but still a great show. I hope they get it together. I was able to get in the live stream for your show. You should have taken calls.

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  • orca1 said:

    extremely good interview that somehow piqued my interest for 2 hours

    I have Twitter attention span so completely agreed. Chad sounds like a cool cat.

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  • drkrshdbl said:

    I wish this band never did drugs.

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  • the cleveland high said:

    this band is totally rad, first i’m ever hearing of em, that cowards song is bad a$$$$$

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  • ghetto-blaster said:

    Is he talking about Back in The High Life? That would be stupid.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • SureShot said:

    I stole all their albums today.

    Hope one day DRT pays these guys.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • oozing33ny said:

    I still can’t listen to this show because of that idiotic comment you made 3 years about Steve Winwood.

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  • bf said:

    I have a new favorite band and their name is Semisonic. J/k – digging on this American Head Charge band. Where were they my whole life?

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  • ALL KNOWING FORCE: Andrew Bilach (author) said:


    I wish this band never did drugs.

    If the members of this band never did drugs, the band wouldn’t exist. I’m not glorifying it, just making a point.

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  • b.p. max said:

    I bought all 3 of their CDs on Amazon after listening to AKF. I never before heard of AHC, perhaps I’m too young. I watched the DVD/CD first and hated it. Poorly done and maybe shouldve watched it last. War of Art and Feeding are ridiculous. As I get a little older my interests wane from heavy music bc a lot is heavy for the sake of heavy. This is some good stuff and love the singer’s voice

    I remember either Andrew or Darius said during the show that the singer doesnt know how good he is. i dont think so because this songs like american head charge. I’m a new fan so I’m not saying that I know – but I know it sounds like nothing else.

    I wish I was in the MN area so I could check them out on this run. dammit

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  • BALDIE said:

    I saw AHC in 2002. Their guitar player at the time would throw bullets into the crowd almost knocked my eye out once.

    I don’t look when Dave Navarro takes his shirt off.

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  • jarod said:

    I can’t wait to see them on Tourette.

    Good show with Chad.

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  • Burn My Eyes said:

    I was at their show at Buster’s. They didn’t miss a beat and sound better then ever.

    Great seeing you still support these guys and love em so much guys.

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  • MAINE-iac said:

    I saw AHC in 2002. Their guitar player at the time would throw bullets into the crowd almost knocked my eye out once.

    I don’t look when Dave Navarro takes his shirt off.

    Why are people in this thread talking about shirtless Dave?

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  • allaboutglee said:

    I have a new favorite band.

    I never listened to them in their prime. Compared to all the sh*t hurled at us these days American Head Charge sounds like Led Zeppelin.

    Where can I download The Feeding for free?

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  • Foxworthy said:

    Where can I get the mp3 of Smiles And Pretenses???

    Liked your show as always btw

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  • Mini.jules said:

    ALL KNOWING FORCE: Andrew Bilach:

    My copy of Trepanation is not for sale.

    Thats fuckin right.

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  • Mini.jules said:

    barb melz,


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  • Mini.jules said:


    Took the words right out of my mouth!

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  • Dennis said:

    You should have spoken to him after this run.

    I can’t judge how it went by the Youtube videos. They might have had plenty of ticket sellers.

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  • ALL KNOWING FORCE: Andrew Bilach (author) said:


    As long as American Head Charge has something to promote, I can assure you we will be speaking to Chad Hanks again.


    I’m not sure where you would be able to find an mp3 of Smiles And Pretenses.


    You can download The Feeding for free, as well as all their other work, on most torrent sites. I personally do not advocate this behavior, nor do we as a show advocate this behavior, but the creator of the work said to do it, so do it.


    The people in the thread referencing “shirtless Dave” are responding to comments made on the show in regards to males admitting they look at Dave Navarro when he takes his shirt off. Darius and Chad both jokingly said they do. I’m unsure if this audio made it to the archived file, but it was on the live air.


    I cannot believe people remember this, but to clear the air before it goes any further, I made a comment that the concept of the hip hop song “Return Of The Mack” was stolen from Steve Winwood’s “Back In The High Life Again.” All I will say is it was my opinion at that point in time. I will decide whether I feel that way in 2011 if it ever comes up again.

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