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[28 Mar 2012 | 9 Comments | ]
Interview with Digital Summer Guitarist Ian Winterstein

A larger write-up will be posted shortly. Donate to Digital Summer’s Kickstarter campaign. Thank you to everyone from AKF that contributed. As of now, I know at least three of you did. More coming by Friday morning. Swamped. Give money in the meantime. Digital Summer rules.

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[23 Mar 2012 | 5 Comments | ]
Interview with God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle

Equilibrium marks God Forbid’s 6th full length release and their first with their newly solidified home at Victory Records. They’ve achieved high praise from fans and critics alike over their career and still have an insatiable hunger to expand their songwriting horizons, which is constantly evolving with each release. Equilibrium is no exception and is as monstrously heavy as it is dynamic and textured. God Forbid are at the top of their game and will no doubt with Equilibrium solidify their status in the hierarchy of heavy music.

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[7 Mar 2012 | 57 Comments | ]
Interview with Richard Patrick of Filter

All Knowing Force are huge supporters of Filter. They’re delivering a new record this summer, and will be playing in New York City Thursday, March 8th, 2012 at the Gramercy Theater. They’ll also be playing at the Showboat in Atlantic City on Saturday, March 10th, 2012. This audio is 30 minutes of solid Filter talk. You won’t be disappointed.