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Sunset Strip Music Festival – 8/26 thru 8/28 – West Hollywood, CA

26 August 2010 35 Comments

By: Darius


This weekend marks the 3rd anniversary of the Sunset Strip Music Festival, which serves to honor as well as promote the Sunset Strip, easily one of the most famous and historical sections of road in the world. Its stamp on music history is without question. The clubs on this street have been entertaining tens of thousands, if not millions, of people for decades and have served as launching pads for some of the greatest rock and pop acts of all time. Without clubs like the Whisky A Go-Go, The Viper Room, The Roxy, The Key Club, The Cat Club, and the House of Blues, we might not have Guns N’ Roses. We might not have The Doors. We might not have Motley Crue. Legends were made within these establishments and this festival serves as a yearly tribute to them and the fine businesses that surround the area and add to the Sunset Strip experience.

Also, for the third year in a row, the festival will honor one of its own, a figure who is synonymous with The Strip and its illustrious history. Previous honorees include club owners Lou Adler, Mario Maglieri, and Elmer Valentine (2008) and Ozzy Osbourne (2009). This year, the honor goes to none other than Slash. I can’t think of anyone more perfect for this distinction. Slash embodies The Strip in every way and he’s dominated the rock world with Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, and even now with his tremendous solo record. He’s also one of the coolest motherf*ckers alive. On Thursday, August 26th, Slash will be honored at the House of Blues by his peers and the city of West Hollywood for his contributions to The Strip and the music industry. The city has even declared August 26th, 2010 as “Slash Day.” Awesome.


The legendary Slash

Each day will be jam packed with live performances in the six Sunset Strip clubs. On Saturday, in addition to these showcases, the Strip will be closed off and two large stages erected for dozens of performances all day long. Steel Panther, Semi Precious Weapons, Common, Slash with Myles Kennedy, and Smashing Pumpkins are all slated to perform on these main stages.

Check back on All Knowing Force each day to follow along. I’ll do my best to cover everything I can, from the shows, to the people, and of course these fantastic venues.

Day 1: A review of Day 1 of the 2010 Sunset Strip Music Festival has been posted here. Photos and analysis of the Slash tribute, Filter at the Roxy, the T-1000, and much more!

Day 2: A review of Day 2 of the 2010 Sunset Strip Music Festival has been posted here. Darius talks Nico Vega, POD, the venues, and much more.

Day 3: A review of Day 3 of the 2010 Sunset Strip Music Festival has been posted here. Slash, Smashing Pumpkins, Volbeat and more!

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  • Carla said:

    I’m looking forward to the coverage. Although I’m a lifelong New Yorker who grew up on The Ramones, Cyndi Lauper, Blondie and everything of the kind, I’ve always admired the Sunset Strip. There is tons of history there. I was first there in 2001 and it’s cool to think of all the history. I also got that feeling at CBGB’s but we all know what happened to that place.

    Looking forward to it, guys.

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  • godblessya said:

    I thought Andrew loathed LA. Why the change of heart?

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • froggerx19 said:

    @godblessya: What does that question have to do with anything? Why must certain people always look to question something or start an argument?

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • mAAT said:

    @froggerx19: I WAS THAT GUY FOR YEARS! HAHA

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Kreator said:

    I’m looking forward to the coverage. There are always lurkers at these events in LA. It will be interesting to see who shows up. My buddy told me he saw Lemmy earlier.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Andrew said:

    Slash is a God.

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  • atestaplatates said:

    I’ve been to all those venues and felt “something” walking into them. Dare I say “magical”.

    Andrew can bash Los Angeles all he wants. It’s directed more at the people and culture (lack thereof). It’s not directed at the music.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Andrew said:

    @Kreator: I told you Darius saw Lemmy earlier. Kreator, you are either consistently on drugs or really need to consider retaking kindergarten. I do think you’re great, though.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • budbundy said:

    This is totally bad ass. We would never have this in NY. We have indie rock homo fests but nothing this cool. Kudos to LA.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • ArchedIsisByleveling said:

    The T-1000!

    I remember when he showed up to the house in the beginning. Total bad ass.

    Remember when Arnold ran him over and he was pieced back together?

    Only thing that tops that is Alf in the pit.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Dropbows said:

    Great preview article. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the festival.

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  • 99 said:

    I was there at Filter. Bad ass!

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  • acct said:

    It would be cool if they had something like this in NY. We get CMJ which is indie fare. Hipsters drive me f’n crazy.

    Of our generation, Slash is prob top 1 or 2 in guitarists. You’d think, right?

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • gcstrip said:

    Thanks for the coverage Darius.

    I’m a L.A. transplant here in Brooklyn. Miss The Strip hardcore man.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • GARBAGE said:

    @acct: He might be at the very top – presence, skill, etc. Dave Navarro has been one of those “go to” guys too and is underrated. People give that guy shit all the time but he can play.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • only for the weak said:

    AKF has gone downhill. How do you review a festival and focus on some made up movie guy?

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • frenzeed said:

    @99: Filter was awesome. I was in the pit and saw the T-1000 as well.

    The players he had out with him on the last record were pretty damn good. He retained the drummer but I especially dig John Spiker. He’s a well known studio guy out here. Great bass player.

    I listened to your interview and what Rob picks up with this lineup is what Spiker left behind.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Andrew said:

    Your reviews have been excellent. I wish I could have been out there to cover it with you.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • 5150 said:

    @Andrew: I have to agree. The reviews have been excellent.

    AKF caters to me – the guy in his early 30’s – that needs a little entertainment each week that frees him from daily monotony. I can’t stand sites like Blabbermouth that are more directed at younger kids. I can see how teenagers would be put off by AKF because the content isn’t current (in their eyes – not mine). Thank you for not making me feel old.

    —-> When are the traditional live shows coming back? It was nice to get a semi-one last week. The highlight of any AKF interview is the point where something is mentioned that sidetracks the entire show. Hilarious.

    Also…would it be possible to email me Carla’s email address? I need to speak to her about a potential booking and her phone number was changed.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • budbundy said:

    @only for the weak: He means a lot to me and apparently many others as well.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Laura In NJ said:

    What were these festival passes priced at?

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • head$ said:

    They were in the 225-250 range but you could have bought a day pass Sat and individual show tickets. This was a brilliantly run festival all around. Awesome coverage by the way to Darius and All Knowing Force. Love the site and style you guys have.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Oscar said:

    Kudos on the coverage. Definitely made me wish I was there.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • spaulding-ball said:

    I wish I was there!! Slash is my hero on guitar! Great write ups.

    Cheers from Melbourne!

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Dr. Brown said:

    This is how you cover a festival. Informative and opinionated, yet unbiased.

    Cheers AKF!

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • darius said:

    @head$: thank you for the kind words

    the saturday “day passes” were priced at $60 but i heard you could get them cheaper on craigslist. with these passes, you were able to go to all the shows in the 6 clubs throughout the day, as well as seeing the main stage performances. you only had to have a ticket for the club shows after 9pm, once the Pumpkins had closed the mainstage.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Brian Doran said:

    @darius: I know someone that went and was able to shave about 20% off a Saturday day pass by buying on Craigslist. That place is a crap shoot. You never know who you’re dealing with and people are flaky.

    I can’t say enough things about the coverage. I usually detest reviews of shows but this was more personal and reflective so I liked it. I’m glad you were sent and not Andrew.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • head$ said:

    @darius: Thanks brother man.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Vinny said:

    This article made Los Angeles likeable until I finished the third day’s writeup. Great work!

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • carvalho said:

    Hola! Great stories from the events and showings! I love volbeat. -diego from chile

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • gnusmas said:

    Hi Darius. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed all the coverage. Can tell you worked hard. Love the little anecdotes in between the reviews. Great work. Loved the spot you guys did the Brock Lindow.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Andrew said:

    Darius’ coverage of the SSMF 2010 was amazing. I loved reading each article prior to its posting. There are some passionate passages. Sure, the festival organizers will quote what Rolling Stone had to say about it, but Darius’ coverage was the absolute best you will find. And, to all those corporate people who think people care about Rolling Stone in 2010…they don’t. Ten thumbs up to my good friend and co-host on a phenomenal job.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • MUSTANG GIRL said:

    Great work Darius. I read but never comment. This is just a little nudge to say KEEP IT UP!!

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • verde said:

    The Robert Patrick comments put these reviews over the top.

    Does anyone know of any good documentaries on the Sunset Strip? I’ve always wanted to “investigate” a little more but this got my juices flowing.

    I don’t know why everyone is raving about the new Filter. It’s nothing special. It’s Filter. It’s Richard Patrick doing Filter at the best Filter can be done. All this heralding didn’t do anything for sales, as opening week this moved half of what Anthems did. I love the CD. I got the deluxe. You should all get it also.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • slayers said:

    @Andrew: I agree bro!

      (Quote)  (Reply)

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