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State of The Show Address

1 April 2009 5 Comments

by: Andrew Marten

I’d like to thank all of you for the feedback we’ve received the last two weeks. The constructive criticism is appreciated. This show isn’t perfect, nor will it ever be perfect. Please keep the suggestions coming. We’re all eyes.

A lot of you send guest requests. We do our best to get as many guests on the show as possible. However, we don’t do interviews for the sake of doing interviews. Those days are long gone. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Almost two years ago, we had a guest named Kevin Randel from a band called A Perfect Murder. I don’t recall how this came about, but it might have been requested by Victory Records. Anyway, I was unfamiliar with the band, but we decided to have them on because I wanted to ask one question. And that question was, “What exactly is a perfect murder?” This question sparked a two hour discussion. Then, it turned into a four hour discussion because we did the show over again. If the last sentence doesn’t make sense, it’s not you. Yes, we did the show twice, but I have no idea why. Anyway, both times the show went on until almost 2AM. I remember everyone going, “Who the hell is this guy?” And by the end of those shows, people couldn’t get enough. It’s not always about the popularity of the guest, but the quality stories they can bring to the table. Remember that.

We can’t please everyone, but do our best to make this show as enjoyable as possible.

With that said, I’d like to issue an apology. On last night’s show, I said I hoped Billy Corgan died. I half mean that. I actually just wanted my $225 back, and I feel he also owes tens of millions of dollars to the other defrauded fans. Anyway, it got me to thinking, and got me to look inside myself. I’ve always poked fun at myself because the site was never updated as planned. In a lot of ways, I took you guys for granted. “Hey, they’ll come back. No big deal.” In behaving that way, I behaved just like Billy Corgan. I deeply apologize for, at times, not keeping my word. I know, it’s not the end of the world, but I’m not about being a hypocrit. If I was, then I’d be like Josey Scott in “Rock & Roll Revolution” …

We’ve had many a laugh at the expense of Saliva the last two weeks. I’ve just read reports that Josey is dealing with some very serious health issues and Saliva has pulled off nearly two weeks of touring with Static-X. Everyone affiliated with this show wishes Josey Scott a speedy recovery, because as we all know, ESPN is looking to license some more tunes. In all seriousness, we hope Josey gets well soon.

As I said on last night’s show, check out the new Static-X record. It’s worth the listen. This is the best record they’ve done in a long, long time.

Static-X: Tour Flier, 2009

Static-X: Tour Flier, 2009

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  • rex and effect said:

    The new Static CD is their best since WDT. Great stuff.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • RUNRIOT said:

    I remember those shows. Why was it done twice? The album they released was pretty good. I couldnt find it anywhere. My local shop had to order it. THis was one of my fav AKF shows.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • 5150 said:

    …and the emo post of the week award goes to…

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Lord Of Acid said:

    Don’t apologize. He fucked up the L.A. shows too. He deserves to get shanked and dropped in a river.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • YazzooFoo said:

    That was the best show in AKF history.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

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