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SotD: Hum – Stars & I Hate It Too

20 March 2009 No Comment

By: Andrew Marten

Hum - "Out Back Counting Stars"

Hum - Out Back Counting Stars

I’m going to double this one up. In 1995, Hum released a record called You’d Prefer An Astronaut. MTV introduced me to this band in the wee hours of the morning. I was 15 or 16, laying in bed, flipping through the channels when I first saw the “Stars” video. I immediately went out and purchased the record. I recommend both this record and their 1998 release Downward Is Heavenward.

This isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but it’s worth checking out.

“Stars” is their most well-known song.

“I Hate It Too” was never released as a single, but thankfully, someone uploaded it to YouTube.

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