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One-on-One with ‘Dirge Within’ Guitarist Shaun Glass

6 April 2012 14 Comments

By: Andrew

Shaun Glass of Dirge Within

Dirge Within will release their second album, There Will Be Blood, via Rocket Science Ventures on April 10th, 2012. I enjoyed their first release, Force Fed Lies, as well as the follow-up EP, Absolution. By the way, the title track on that EP absolutely slams.

I’ve listened to There Will Be Blood. To say it’s a better album than Force Fed Lies isn’t doing either album justice. The truth of the matter is There Will Be Blood expands upon the foundation laid by its predecessor.

Dirge Within There Will Be Blood CD Album Art Cover Photo

I don’t know about you, but nowadays, I’m immune to album descriptors such as “punishing” and “brutal.” Gathering around the synonym campfire to describe a record in such terms is nothing more than overly simplistic and quite honestly, embarrassing for this genre of music I’ve loved for many years. There Will Be Blood is a quality release that will be enjoyed by fans of their debut, and its diversity will definitely win them a broader audience.

I’ve always said Shaun Glass is an open book. Our discussions are always fun, interesting, and laid back. Whether or not you like his music, he’s worthy of your respect. Shaun Glass bleeds Dirge Within. Morning, noon, and night, 24/7, he’s about this band. That’s no joke and not something I’m writing for the sake of this article. If everyone approached music and their bands like he approaches Dirge Within, the music business would be a much more honest, better place.

Enjoy an hour of audio about the new record and tons of other stories. One hour and a lot of fun. Click here to stream or right click and Save As to download.

All Knowing Force fully supports Dirge Within and all of Shaun Glass’ past, present, and future projects.

You can follow Dirge Within on Facebook here.

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  • 5150 said:

    For My Enemies is not a progression but a digression. It’s weaker than anything on the first CD.

    I agree that Age of Hell sucked. After 2-3 listens it’s suckness was displayed hardcore.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Tula said:

    These dudes spank their recorded stuff live. Just way better live.

    Who is Bill Mice?

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Kakura said:

    Dirge Within is bad ass.

    I hate when things are happening and I never learn of them. Didn;t know they had an EP out

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  • Cyanide Drive said:

    I don’t know why you talk so much smack about the dudes in Soil when in private to me on IM you admitted to like their music. That’s just fake nonsense that you claim to hate that you perpetuate to broadcast.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Redneck Jasper said:

    Check this out…

    I listened to this but then something clicked. I forgot this dude was in Soil.

    I used to work at a club I’ll let remain nameless. The day of the show this little bald dude (Shawn) was walking around like a headless chicken while the other guys were all chill. He was like doing all the stuff for the band as if he was tour manager, roadie, etc. Mad props for that and I can see because of it why Andrew is high on this guy for “authentic” reasons.

    Force Fed Lies was good not great. I will buy this when it comes out if I can get it foir $10 or less.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • chachacha said:

    This cat’s interviews bore me. I think I saw him do something with the scrawny dude down in Atlanta once and it put me to sleep. Andrew annoys the sh*t out of me but he gets good interviews out of ppl.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • ALL KNOWING FORCE: Andrew Bilach (author) said:

    Cyanide Drive:
    I don’t know why you talk so much smack about the dudes in Soil when in private to me on IM you admitted to like their music. That’s just fake nonsense that you claim to hate that you perpetuate to broadcast.

    I try to avoid replying to comments such as yours, but need to set the record straight.

    I own Scars. I still listen to Scars.

    I own Redefine. I still listen to Redefine.

    I own True Self. I listen to it every so often. It’s one of those albums that actually gets better with each listen.

    I don’t own Picture Perfect. I listened to it once or twice when it was released. Although critically slammed, I felt that this was a decent, efficient record that was just executed poorly.

    Although the audience for Soil has depleted in the United States, there is still a market for them overseas. Ryan McCombs is an alcoholic. There are some live videos online that make me cringe when I hear his drunken, incoherent babbling.

    I like a lot of Soil music, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be critical of how they’ve managed their career.

    On a personal level, Shaun Glass has always shown me nothing but the utmost respect. And that respect will always be reciprocated not only personally, but to any projects in which he’s involved.

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  • Maniac said:

    Great show. Happy Easter all.

    I might just have to buy this CD.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • ABD said:

    I saw these guys live with Gwar. I overhead them while I was at the bar I should say. It was a pleasant surprise. Def an up and coming band to look out for.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • ezra said:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is WAY heavier than the first one.

    Shaun seems like a cool dude. I thought he was the Soil singer until I looked him up.

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  • Dennis said:

    Sick! I just got this in the mail and Absolution is on it too. Saves me from having to buy the EP. Love that track.

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  • Vinny said:

    Just listened to the show. I wanted to write that these Dirge dudes tweeted to Lady gaga today. #sad

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Spider said:

    just got the album shiny new from amazon, it rocks. maybe a little cheesy and basic in parts lyrically but overall worth 3x the money i paid, grab it.

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