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Sara Dunmoyer aka Allie Foster Cancellation Explained

26 March 2010 15 Comments

By: Andrew Bilach

*On March 9th, 2010, All Knowing Force posted an article written by Darius that can be viewed on our site here.*

Howard Jones and Sara Dunmoyer

I have received several emails in regards to the Howard Jones / Killswitch Engage / “Allie Foster” as it pertains to All Knowing Force. “Allie Foster” is the stage name of Sara Dunmoyer. “Allie Foster” is Sara Dunmoyer, and from this point forward, we will refer to her as such.

If you’d like to conduct a background search on Sara Dunmoyer, search for “Allie Foster” on Google.

Sara Dunmoyer publicly commented on an article my co-host Darius wrote for All Knowing Force. She was contacted and asked if she wanted to appear on the show to tell her side of the story. Sara Dunmoyer agreed and was sent our questions in advance. Our program is never planned, but to make Sara Dunmoyer more comfortable, we made a list of probable questions. Sara Dunmoyer was scheduled to appear on All Knowing Force on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 but blew us off by not returning our emails, text messages, and phone calls within forty-eight hours of her scheduled appearance.

I know some of you wanted me to write an article bashing Sara Dunmoyer. Believe me, I wanted to. In five years of doing this show, we have never been stood up by a guest. Ever. But, let’s face it. Google “Allie Foster” or even better yet, do an image search. It’s safe to say Sara Dunmoyer bashed her pride long before she ever contacted our show.

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  • darius said:

    I just want to point out that I texted with Sara Dunmoyer several times days in advance of the show. We established contact on Thursday, March 11, and she agreed that day to appear the following Tuesday, March 16th. It took some time to make sure that I had the right person and not some phony in Alaska with too much time on their hands. She agreed to do the show and knew to email or call me or Andrew with any questions or concerns over the weekend.

    I followed up on Monday with a text and my message was not returned. Tuesday morning, I called and left a voicemail. Nothing. Later that day, Sara Dunmoyer texted me at 6:13pm, less than 4 hours ahead of her scheduled appearance: “I can’t do it tonight. My guy made a surprise trip down…”

    I don’t really care that her “guy” came down for a visit. You book a show, you set aside 15 minutes, and than go back to your daily life. At the very least, you give 24 hours notice if you can’t make it. She had her chance to set the record straight and she blew it.

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  • Carla said:

    I think it’s awesome that they decided to publish her real name so that if anyone Google’s her they know of her past. Good work.

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  • mouze said:

    Let’s just praise all rogue behavior. This is an innocent woman and this site chooses to berate her. Look in the mirror.

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  • kass said:

    Maybe she just wised up. Im sure all this public attention wont help her none when its time to take Howard to court for child support. That is of course if it is his baby?? That she already has a new “guy” so soon is quite humorous. If the father of my baby who i loved was exposed in this way there is no way I would be jumping into a relationship so soon and while I was pregnant with said child.

    I wonder how Howards current girlfriends(I’m sure he still has many hanging off his every word) feel about all this internet attention? Im sure they think it is all bullshit and that he is telling them just that and they are the only one.

    Did anyone ever find out if he was really married? and who this woman claiming to be his wife that Sara spoke to is. It would be interesting to know if she has seen any of this internet scandal? Poor lady.

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  • Preach! said:

    That does suck she backed out the way she did. Very uncool Allie. It should not come as a surprise though, most of the people involved in the adult movie industry are screwballs.
    Maybe we should go the conspiracy theorist route and say she got paid off, or Howard had a band of goons threaten to break her stubby legs? lol

    Either way guys, the pig picture was crass an uncalled for.

    Is it really surprising she already has someone else? The pornstar-stripper type have notoriously short emotional attention spans when it comes to men. Any woman still willing to buy into his BS obviously does not value her own physical or mental health, because sooner or later, she will eventually end up with what he’s carrying.
    No Howard is not married, that was another one of his outrageous lies. He’s mentally ill. Deeply so.

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  • Dominic said:

    OMG! This shit really happened??? *_*

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  • Bushido said:

    I think it’s BS that she strung you guys along. She’s not doing anyone (herself in particular) any favours.

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  • Andrew (author) said:

    @ Dominic

    Yes! Apparently so! We need new tunes, by the way.

    @ Bushido

    Thank you! And she really needs to do herself favors!

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  • jchs said:

    I went to school with Sara from elementary on. We grew up in a very small community where if u don’t get out of town after high school u wind up married young with kids and working in a factory working pay check to paycheck. As much as everyone thinks Sara is not a bad person she is very sweet and genuine. And her horrible past u all speak of was her fastest ticket out of this small town going nowhere. So please before you judge someone just really have an open mind and if u can’t do that…….be and adult and stay out of peoples business!

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  • lol@jchs said:

    @jchs: lol @jchs. Sara was always a porn star in training from the time she was in 5th grade! She is a cool person but would get naked at the drop of a hat. Just because she can be nice doesn’t change anything that she’s done in her past.

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  • lol@jchs said:

    I had no idea she was the reason Howard left though…..could’ve guessed that one though.

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  • KickAss said:

    Ok, heres the think. Howard didnt leave the band, because of her but for other reasons. He is NOT the father of her child, like the way she said ( thats what she wished for!). Howard might have had some fun with her, like a one night stand or whatever, but that was pretty much it. Sarah got pissed off at him, cause she might have wanted more fun , but Howard was not interested any longer, then she decided to mouth trash him on the internet….! She is a gold digger, which unfortunately for her, didnt go the way she expected!What Was she thinking Howard was going to marry her or something!?!? Oh dear…. !

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  • kse said:

    Kse is not finished. Rumor has it, that a new album is in the process of being written.
    Sara is dreaming if she thinks Howard is the father. Have you seen how white and ginger her kid is. And shes already pierced the kids ears. Thats supreme white trash right there.

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  • SaraDunmoyer said:

    Yeah, because white trash people can TOTALLY afford to put diamonds in their childrens’ ears…… And if she isn’t his, why in the world has he not come out of hiding and taken the DNA test? Doesn’t really add up, does it?

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