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Nonpoint Miracle Album CD Review

11 May 2010 6 Comments

By: A. Estes

When you consider all they’ve been put up against, it truly is a miracle that Nonpoint have made it this far. Coming up in a scene cluttered with similarly mis-spelled/nonsensical band names, the band were lost in the shuffle on not one, not two, but three — count ’em, three — record labels. To add insult to injury, 2008 saw the exit of original guitarist/producer Andy Goldman and it seemed as though Nonpoint would have reached the breaking point.

That’s not quite the case, though, as the band have pulled through and delivered their sixth album, Miracle without much delay. With Mudvayne/HELLYEAH members Chad Grey and Greg Tribbett offering up their services as producers, the band has shifted their signature style to a more stripped down, straight-forward rock sound. The album also marks the recording debut of guitarist Zach Broderick.

While things get started on the right foot with “Shadows” and the title track (featuring guest vocals from Grey), it’s not long before Miracle devolves into one great big flavorless, under-produced mess. While Broderick shows up with enough flare to spare, he lacks the chemistry with the rest of the band that Goldman provided, and the songs suffer for it. Meanwhile, the band all but abandons the sound that once distinguished them from their peers in an effort to perhaps appeal to mainstream radio.

All of this wouldn’t be in vain if it weren’t for the fact that the album is a complete sonic failure. Grey and Tribbett prove to be better buddies than producers, with the bulk of the album lacking the “oomph” that even the weaker Nonpoint albums in the past had. Even when the band should shine, particularly on a cover of the Pantera classic “5 Minutes Alone,” they fall flat and sound frail.

Perhaps the material that makes up Miracle will sound better in a live setting, but on the record, it’s a shocking disappointment from a usually dependable band. Wherever Andy is, they need to get him back in the band (no offense meant to Zach) and hire a real producer to set them straight again. They’re better than this and they’ve worked too hard and come too far to sink this low.

Quite frankly, the packaging is the most interesting thing this CD has to offer.

** A note from Andrew, Host of All Knowing Force **

Elias Soriano was on our show back in February 2010 and showed us nothing but respect and gave us a tremendous interview…so good, in fact, that it got some detractors to head out to see them live on their recent co-headlining tour with Cold. Because of this, it pains me to post this negative review written by Andy (we are not the same person). All Knowing Force is about keeping it real, and as you all know, we don’t censor anything. If you think this review is bad, you should read some of the personal attacks on me. With this said, we implore you to check out Nonpoint during this touring cycle. Thank you.

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  • darius said:


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  • darius said:

    Miracle is a great album. “Censored” is a good writer but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. i have disagreed with the majority of his pathetic reviews.

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  • Andrew said:

    I would like to interject and let everyone know that I enjoy reading Andy’s reviews, and for the most part, completely agree. I have not listened to Miracle yet, so I’m not in a position to comment.

    Darius is a passionate guy, and when he leaves a comment like the one above this, it would only be about something in regards to Led Zeppelin, Sevendust, Nonpoint, Deftones, Local H, or Pearl Jam. Those bands are like is children.

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  • Carla said:

    Andy knows what he’s talking about Darius. You have to remember that it’s his opinion. I don’t always agree with what you write. And I disagree with nearly everything Andrew writes.

    I listened to this CD. I don’t think Andy’s review does it justice.

    Time for bed.

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  • 7yg said:

    Remember this folks – 1/2 of the guys that produced this album use to paint his face blue and now thinks he’s a cowboy. BIG MISTAKE choosing those two as producers.

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  • 888 said:

    Terrible CD – so bad no one is even talking about it in June, a month after the release.

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