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Motley Crue: Final Tour Announced

30 January 2014 6 Comments

By: Andrew

One of my first memories of music video was Dr. Feelgood. I was young, and therefore impressionable. Explosions, fire…sign me up. I had not the slightest clue what the song was about. All I knew was that it rocked and that the band looked cool.



I ended up purchasing the cassette from The Wiz, which was a regional electronics store. For those that are curious, it was the one on Steinway St in Astoria. I listened to every track, over and over again. Still to this day, I can recite every lyric. Even the lyrics to Rattlesnake Shake. That song I’ll always remember because Skid Row had a song of the same title on their first record. At the time, I thought that was interesting.

Yesterday, Motley Crue announced that after 30+ years, they’re embarking on their ‘final’ tour. As soon as this happened, I start getting text messages, emails, online chat requests, and the like. Me, I’m excited for the tour and the next two years of releases that will coincide with it. Alice Cooper is opening. Such a great package. The production on this tour is going to be off the charts.

Like their music or not, they brought it for 30+ years. They always did it their way, and now, they’re going out on top. Motley was one of my first loves, and when I look back on it, seeing Dr. Feelgood on MTV was likely my gateway into exploring heavier music. What a ride it was, and I have nothing but love, respect, and admiration for their career.

Leading up to the tour, several features will be run on The Crue. Stay tuned for that. Thank you for reading. We’ll talk more Crue soon.

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  • Oscar said:

    I never would of guessed I’d be this stoked for this tour. I’m sad to see them go but they’re going out with as much as of a bang as they came in with so kudos to them. I’m at PNC and Jones Beach!

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  • 1942 said:

    I’m surprised Mick is holding up. He did an interview where he said he’s going to be touring after the Crue. I’m not sure that’s going to happen but I’d love to see Mick have the opportunity to shine. One of the most underrated ever.

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  • T-Rex said:

    I’m not a Crue guy by any stretch but respect their longevity. I think it’s cool that it’s all 4 originals especially after the lives they led. The last decent thing they did was the Corabi album. I cringed at everything else.

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  • Grace of God said:

    I just recd a Groupon email about lawn tix. Uh oh. Poor advance? Can’t recall a time where I saw something like this so early in the game.

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  • Neo12 said:

    Grace of God,

    I too have never seen a Groupon immediately. They busted out some very fair ticket prices as well. Motley always bring sick production so the value for the dollar is there. I’m seeing this at the Hollywood Bowl when in LA. I might even see them in Dallas also.

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  • ALL KNOWING FORCE: Andrew Bilach (author) said:

    The early Groupon threw me off a bit too. The first thing I thought was, “The first couple of days had weak sales.” Then, I thought to myself, “It takes a few days, if not weeks to get these Groupon things going.” So, likely it’s part of the initial marketing to get the word out. Having Alice Cooper on the bill will help too. A large portion of these shows are going to sell out. I wouldn’t think too much into the Groupon thing. If we see a Groupon in June, then there’s reason to believe lackluster sales are the cause.

    Like many of you, I’m excited to see them one last time.

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