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Marcos Curiel No-Show Statement

9 November 2010 9 Comments

By: Andrew

Marcos Curiel

Dear God, where did all my fans go? Why have all my bands failed?

All Knowing Force recently advertised a guest spot by P.O.D. guitarist Marcos Curiel.

Darius witnessed a P.O.D. performance during this summer’s Sunset Strip Music Festival. He was blown away by their live performance. P.O.D. has been out of the limelight for quite a few years, so he suggested we extend a welcome to Marcos Curiel, guitarist for P.O.D. Marcos Curiel agreed to do the show. Marcos Curiel no-showed his agreed upon, advertised appearance. After his intentional act of disrespect, Marcos Curiel apologized and agreed to set a new date. At that point, Marcos Curiel ceased communication with All Knowing Force.

Marcos Curiel made an agreement. Marcos Curiel didn’t honor that agreement. He left his fans hanging. He left our listeners hanging. He disrespected his fans. He disrespected our listeners.


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  • Oscar said:

    I was looking forward to this show because I was always a fan of Marcos. I had hoped Daylight Division and Accident Experiment succeeded. I’ve met him before and he was a cool dude. It’s a bitch move to blow off a show. I can’t defend him there.

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  • LizMin said:

    hello from down under. you should have posted this sooner. i never knew they were back together since until the post on the music festival. this guy is a choad.

    bullshit canceling and lieing

    cheers from down under! – lucas

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  • Carla said:

    POD hasn’t been relevant in a number of years. They can announce an NYC show tomorrow and it wouldn’t draw more than 400 people under any circumstances.

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  • 1942 said:

    @Oscar: I thought you were a cool dude from this site until that post.

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  • godblessya said:

    @Oscar: 1942 is right. I’ve seen you post here for years but to say you were anticipating anything this guy did outside of POD is sad.

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  • ALL KNOWING FORCE: Darius said:

    it certainly isn’t good business blowing off interviews when you need to raise awareness about your band. the whole thing is ridiculous.

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  • gomes said:

    bro-man needa a diet

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  • Greg said:

    Marcos was the wrong dude to contact in P.O.D. I don’t know the guy, so I won’t get personal, but the last time I saw the band (touring behind Satellite), Wuv, Sonny, and Traa all came out to sign autographs, but Marcos stayed on the bus playing video games…this was straight from one of the guys in the band when asked where Marcos was. I gave a copy of Live to Sonny to sign, and when he realized what it was, he yelled “Old school!” and had the rest of the guys sign it, too.

    I also met the guys before they were famous, touring the Brown album, and it was the same way. Wuv is generous with his time, especially with young musicians, and Traa loves to talk music with fans. Sonny is always gracious and thankful to the fans. I have never really seen Marcos hang with fans.

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  • ALL KNOWING FORCE: Andrew Bilach said:

    @Greg: The experiences to which you refer have been relayed to me privately by many others throughout the years. The sample size of detractors is too great for it to be coincidence.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

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