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Burn Halo Vocalist James Hart Interview Now Posted

16 July 2010 13 Comments

By: Darius

James Hart

This was a really fun interview; James Hart provided not only an outstanding look into the rise and fall of his old band, 18 Visions, but also the inner workings of the music business as he launched his current project, Burn Halo. We really like the Burn Halo record and were happy to have James come on the show and promote the band. Some of the highlights of this interview include:

*The importance of financial management for bands and how this lead to 18 Visions’ demise

*What bands influenced James to pursue a more straight-forward rock project in Burn Halo

*One particularly priceless story from the 18 Visions record release party in New York City involving a bandmember, a lovely female audience member, and the record label’s president

*Musings on the posers in Orange County and LA

*An inside look into music venues and their cut of merchandise sales

*Advice to new bands in the hard rock and heavy metal scene

James Hart is an incredible frontman and just an all-around cool guy. We’ll be sure to ask him back on the show in the future. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to check out Burn Halo. The band is set to embark on a massive nationwide tour beginning July 28th in Denver, Colorado. Their debut album is available in stores and online at all major music outlets. Some old 18 Visions fans won’t appreciate the commercial appeal of James’ new band. If that’s the case, than you’re selling yourself short. The Burn Halo debut absolutely rocks and this band has the right attitude and work ethic to get it done.

You can stream or download (right click and save as) the interview here and you can also check their official pages out at the links below.


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  • 1942 said:

    James Hart has always kicked ass live and when I saw Burn Halo a few weeks ago they SMOKED.

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  • godblessya said:

    I think an article should be done on 1942 because some of his responses make sense while the others come out of left field.

    I’m kind of interested to see if Andrew pussyfoots around this interview because I know he’s highly critical of their upcoming touring partners and can’t stand A7X.

    The Burn Halo CD is excellent and surprising. The overall worry is that 18V fans might hate BH. I hated 18V and LOVE BH.

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  • 867-5309 said:


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  • Allmans said:

    I didn’t even know of Burn Halo or 18 Visions until I accidentally saw Burn Halo live many months ago. You have your standard hard rock fare here and there but this release is presented with a little more honesty than most. Maybe he went for a more commercialized sound but nothing was really compromised.

    I checked their upcoming shows and they’re doing a run with Tantric. I expect Tantric to be blown off the stage nightly if people get there early enough to see Burn Halo. Tantric reminds of Soil in the “Why are they still around?” category.

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  • YazzooFoo said:

    I listened to this during my lunch break at work when I was supposed to be doing some spreadsheet analysis.

    I wouldn’t have thought James was such a good, down to Earth guy.

    There were 2 parts I found interesting:

    — When Andrew asked him what is the main thing people say to him when they see him at merch – I can see people saying that. James is doing what all others artists SHOULD be doing. I think it’s amazing that all people think it’s odd seeing him do that. The dude is smart.

    — The comments are Weiland’s solo band. Darius hit the nail on its head. I thought the same thing. Great tie-in there.

    Why do I always confuse James Hart and Butch Walker?

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  • Lord Of Acid said:

    @ godblessya

    One thing I can say about Andrew is he doesn’t cower to anyone or anything. I don’t always agree with him and haven’t agreed with him in a while, but the dude has balls.

    I knew the second Tantric and Hinder was mentioned he was going to have a comment.

    I investigated Burn Halo and they’re not half bad.

    James seems grounded. Makes me like the guy all the more.

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  • jay-own said:

    Why are so many badnds adverse to using a van?

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  • 5150 said:

    Agreed! Save Me is a great rock track. Some of the rest of the stuff is filler.

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  • Carla said:

    I miss the live shows, but I knew when I was listening at work on the download that he would have a comment the second he heard Tantric.

    I could not agree more about Weiland though. I thought the same thing about his band.

    Enjoyable hour of entertainment guys. And Tantric sucks.

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  • ArchedIsisByleveling said:

    Kept me entertained.

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  • 007 said:

    Burn Halo will blow Tantric off the stage NIGHTLY. I listened to their debut album and it’s raw. Tantric is borderline shoegaze rock.

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  • mAAT said:


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  • ArchedIsisByleveling said:

    I’ve read a lot of critiques of this CD and have to say that everyone seems to be writing about “it doesn’t reinvent the wheel” or some crap like that. At this point who can reinvent anything? Mostly everything has been done before. This is an ENJOYABLE rock CD and although it contains some formulaic stuff at its core, it’s darn good.

    I had to come back to the thread and say that.

    When will there be a live show?

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