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Interview with Mike Tyranski of JANUS

22 April 2012 9 Comments

by: Darius


About once a year, I hear a record from a band that is either brand new or that I paid little attention to beforehand and am completely blown away. That’s if I’m lucky. I’m more likely to enjoy the latest offerings from my favorite artists that I’ve been listening to for years.

However, this year, in 2012, I have “discovered” Janus. Granted, the band has been around for awhile and I’ve heard their single “Eyesore” countless times on satellite radio but it never connected. Then one Sunday this past February, I was driving back from Atlanta to Nashville, and was not feeling too well after a big weekend of celebration. I was listening to Octane when the song “Stains” came on. Now instead of dreading my long commute, I was intently focused on one of the best tunes I’ve heard this year.

I rewound it and listened to the song 4 times in a row and cranked it up a little louder each time. A few weeks later, I saw the band open for Chevelle at Marathon Music Works. They were awesome. A few weeks after that, the album, Nox Aeris was released and I immediately purchased a copy at a local indie record store.

Consider me a huge fan of this record, to put it mildly. There are no lulls, there is no filler and the production is phenomenal. It is best listened in its entirety, which is another reason why I love it so much. We live in a “singles” world now and I loathe everything about it. I love records. I like listening to an artist’s vision from start to finish and letting each song carry you into the next.

Nox Aeris does just that. It is a seamless listening experience; a journey that you do not want to complete. I have listened to the entire record and than started it over again. My favorite aspects are probably the drum parts and the electronics, although everything on the album is outstanding. It is a multi-layered album that opens new discoveries with every listen.

Naturally, I wanted to have someone from the band on our program so that I could properly give my thanks to the makers of such fine musical craftsmanship.

Janus guitar player Mike Tyranski joined us and we talked a lot about the album, a little about Chevelle and SiriusXM and finally we tied it up with what lies ahead for Janus. I got the impression he wasn’t expecting the praise that I heaped upon him for Nox Aeris. What else can I say? I’m pretty high on this record right now and it’s a great feeling.

Nox Aeris is in stores and Janus is on tour. Make it happen.

You can download or stream the audio here. If you’d like to download, right click and Save As.


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  • K. Hess said:

    I’ve worked with Andrew on the corporate level a few moons ago and have followed AKF on and off for years.

    Prior to this interview I didn’t know who Janus was. I didn’t ever even hear the name.

    Darius goes all fan boy and then Andrew points out something that everyone seems to miss and it’s something I did. I went and investigated Janus. So while some may say Darius was kissing a$$, all of that banter made me go on Youtube while at work this morning and listen to cuts from the new CD.

    The goal is to not do a show to do a show but to get people interested and to reach out for the stuff and this show always succeeds in that.

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  • Sonic said:

    I’ve never heard of these dudes before but I might have seen them on a bill somewhere. I don’t think their music is great but it’s not bad. Hopefully they’ll find an audience that can sustain them. I’m going to listen to the new CD today and then grab it if I like what I hear.

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  • OpIvy said:

    talk about press, nothing for this cd

    i remember serious played some track from the first cd and i dug it so i bought a few tracks on rhapsody

    this is pretty decent the stains song

    always great to be intrdoucted or reminded or artists

    kudos dudes

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  • mAAT said:


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  • DLC said:

    I bit the bullet and purchased a couple of tracks on iTunes. Good but not great. The best way to describe it using a baseball analogy is these guys are like the Mets in NY. Good but not one will ulimately really care. I like their stuff though.

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  • ALL KNOWING FORCE: Andrew Bilach said:


    We do not do shows for the sake of doing shows. I’ve been doing this show for what seems like forever. I know this audience well. I know what will make them take a few minutes and research an artist. That was the goal and it was accomplished. Saying anything was “disrespectful” makes absolutely zero sense.

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  • 69 eyes said:

    I listened to this show and hated it.

    I read the Buried Treasure post and loved it.

    Janus sucks hardcore balls.

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  • ALL KNOWING FORCE: Andrew Bilach said:

    69 eyes:
    I listened to this show and hated it.

    I read the Buried Treasure post and loved it.

    Janus sucks hardcore balls.

    In response to your last sentence, I’ve heard several people say that subsequent to our feature. I know all of this is subjective, but that simply isn’t true. While Janus may not be a person’s cup of tea, they are certainly a quality band.

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