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A Small Tip To Save Money On Concert Tickets

7 August 2009 5 Comments

By: Andrew Bilach

This is a fun little story that’s very informational, so keep on reading if you’d like to get ahead. We’re all about sharing here at All Knowing Force.

Morons Work Here

Morons Work Here

You all know I despise Best Buy. If you don’t know why, then obviously you’re not an avid follower, or have never been to blue hell. Their uniforms are disgusting. Blue and yellow? I’d rather be laid to rest in a Clay Aiken shirt than wear a Best Buy uniform. Getting back to what I was saying, Best Buy employs an army of morons. They work in an electronics store but know nothing about electronics. The only proactive person you’ll meet is the genius at the exit door who checks your receipt to prevent theft. Apparently, he takes his job seriously. “Alright there, Thomas. The $8.00 an hour they pay you is not worth the effort. Best Buy doesn’t care about you so stop caring about people stealing from them.”

What do Best Buy employees and meteorologists have in common? They’re all morons. They’re all one big gigantic league of morons. Weathermen talk about radar and use all these uppity terms to describe their research. Then why, please tell me, why, are they constantly wrong? If the idiots in New York say there’s a 90 percent chance of rain, plan a picnic. Go to the beach. Because it sure isn’t raining. Can you imagine if other “professionals” were wrong as much as weathermen? Eh hem…Wall Street. I’ll stay away from those greedy animals in this post. But, you get what I’m saying about these weathermen, right? Now, there are two things you can do. One, you can get mad. Or two, you can use it to your advantage.

"Haha! Boy am I f*cking your day up!"


On Sunday, August 2nd, I was sitting home, pondering what to do that evening. All of a sudden, I thought to myself, they’re saying there’s a 90% chance of rain and the forecast is calling for thunderstorms. The next logical thought was, “Who’s playing at Jones Beach?” Think. People believe weathermen. A smart person already knows it’s not going to rain. So, that smart person goes to Craigslist. Then, the smart person sees hundreds upon hundreds of people dumping Kid Rock/Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets for next to nothing because they’re afraid of rain. By the way, I am that smart person. I was able to score a pair of Kid Rock/Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets, to a sold out show, for $25 per ticket. Face value was $100. Oh, my guest and I were sitting in the orchestra too. And, as predicted, not one drop of rain fell from the sky. Thank you, weathermen.

If you live anywhere near where they’re having and outdoor concert, check Craigslist if rain is in the forecast. People will be dumping tickets for pennies. After all, water is a scary, scary thing. And fellas, if you really wanted to go to that show, and your girlfriend is afraid of getting wet, you dump her and dump her fast. I hope you all use the knowledge you learned in this post to get some great seats to great shows for ridiculously low prices.

No matter what happens, 99.9% of people will believe what they’re told. Be in the .1% that thinks outside the box. You’ll be surpised at the results.

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  • a34 said:

    I buyed fake tickets there at one time, won’t buy there again.

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  • Moosey said:

    Buyed? That may have been your problem…

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