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BT: The Boss, Codeine, Dramarama, Kermit the Frog

15 April 2014 9 Comments

By: Andrew

I have not done one of these posts in a long while.

Springsteen’s Nebraska record took almost two decades to grow on me. The recordings are raw, yet perfect. The title/opening track, “Nebraska”, is a first-person narrative of the Starkweather spree killings of the late 1950’s. A few years ago, I found this live version, which in my opinion is, far and away, the best recorded version of this song. Haunting. Chilling. There is only one Boss, and never will he be duplicated.

Moving through the Holland Tunnel over to New York City, there’s a little known band called Codeine. The band name is a perfect indication as to their sound. Codeine perfected, and in a lot of ways, pioneered, a genre rooted in melancholy. I don’t aspire to be sad, but Codeine’s lyrics speak to the listener with a natural, refreshing honesty. They didn’t write the song below, but it’s the first song I heard by the band in my mid-teens. It’s wild that Codeine influenced artists across genres from indie rock to the heaviest of metal. They have two LP’s and an EP available.

At some point shortly before or at the turn of the century, Buckcherry covered Dramarama’s “Anything, Anything”. It’s unfortunate that Buckcherry’s last couple of albums show them deviating from their strengths.

And since I’m truly having a good day today (not that you’d know it by these songs), I’m going to close this out with a song I’ve loved since I was a kid. The Muppets will always hold a special place in my heart. I think it’s time to watch this movie again.

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  • hades said:

    Does someone need a hug?

    (I had to go there)

    I’ll have you know Willie Nelson does a great cover of The Rainbow Connection.

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  • Burnside said:

    In the interest of not going genre crazy, Codeine invented slowcore. They were such this inventive unique band that so few got to experience. I got to see them when they played what I think was their final show ever in 2012. So happy they decided to do more shows after such a long hiatus.

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  • 1942 said:

    And that’s a killer Buckcherry cover I never knew existed. Road Trip was a rad movie despite the presence of that idiot Tom Green.

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  • Passenger#9 said:

    Willie has covered everything. I don’t think there’s a song he hasn’t covered. I forgot about this song and the movie. I wore out the VHS as a kid. The Muppets are icons, up there with Zeppelin, AC/DC & Hendrix.

    You need a hug.

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  • kelly said:

    Bruce can make anything interesting. He could be reading the ingredients on floor cleaner and still make it sound appealing if strumming an acoustic guitar. When I think America I think Bruce Springsteen and when this dude goes abroad they respect him just as much. It’s too bad the rest of this country doesn’t translate well (Obama, eh hem).

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  • l a d y t r o n r o c k s said:

    I woke up happy. I read this post. Depressed I sit here, not wanting to go to work. Thank you.

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  • Laura in NJ said:


    Seann William Scott is a hottie. I once bumped into him in the West Village when he was high on drugs.

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  • Oscar said:

    Happy Easter everyone. Now I’m depressed.

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  • Anon said:

    I saw Codeine recently and I think it was their last show ever. You have to be into that stuff to like them. There’s no way you get into them if you don’t appreciate the slow melancholy stuff. I pretty much stop at Mazzy Star.

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