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11 May 2011 5 Comments

By: Andrew

HD said: I know this has nothing to do with music, but what do you think about the Knicks? Dudes, who saw this coming? This question was sent prior to the Carmelo Anthony trade. My answer remains the same, though. I’m not surprised they played well up until the big trade nor am I surprised they were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

48-Down said: I received a hefty Christmas bonus this year (thankfully because I worked sans a paycheck for weeks). Was wandering if you all have any reccommendations for music to buy in the electronica genre?? I started listening to a lot of Zero 7 and bands like that. Due to the late answer, I can only hope you have some of that money hanging around. Zero 7 is very “chill” (really don’t like this word, but at the moment I’m at a loss for another), but I’d go with M83 and Bohren & der Club of Gore. The latter is very jazz meets Sabbath, if you can imagine.

UriahHeep said: Do you think there’s more to the Chi Cheng story than what’s out there? I keep him in my prayers always but there’s either no info out there or misinfo out there. I do. All I want, though, is for him to make a recovery and be back on stage.

atestaplatates said: I’m curious to know why AKF did so little to mention the tragic death of Pete Steele. I know Andrew was friends with him for many years and felt that something respectful should have been put into writing. Not trying to attack you guys it’s just something I always thought about. I was fairly good friends with Peter, but never would I pretend my sorrow would remotely equate to the pain of his family, bandmates, and close friends were feeling. I don’t take your question as an attack in the least.

GREAT ANT said: In the original ECW did wrestlers ever say no to Paul Heyman when asked to do a ridiculous spot? Always wanted to know this. I never heard Paul Heyman suggest a “ridiculous spot” to any of the boys.

England said: Do you know where I can get tapes of DLR’s morning show on K-Rock? No. A superfan might have them, though. I listened to a few episodes. David Lee never had the opportunity to cultivate and nurture an audience. That stuff takes time, and apparently, the suits didn’t realize that. Plus, the all talk format to which they switched was destined to fail – and did, horribly.

BORNCLOSER said: Thanks for all you guys do. Did bands play the upstairs of Coney Island High? I was in a pseudo argument with a buddy of mine over this and can’t find the answer anywhere. You’re welcome. Yes, if I remember correctly, bands played upstairs. The list of bands I saw at that venue would blow some minds. For starters, let’s just say The Subhumans, Sponge, Pro-Pain, and Less Than Jake.

center-gravity said: What is the best dive bar in the city? They’re few and far between these days. I’m looking for some digs in Soho. Rudy’s in Hell’s Kitchen. There’s also one on the outskirts of Union Square and one called Rope in Fort Greene. I’m unsure if the last two are still open.

Decision*B said: Do you know where I can find a photo of the club Tramps? I need an empty shot of the club. I can’t find one anywhere and need it for a piece I’m doing. No. I would do a Google image search for photos from shows at the venue, and you may get lucky.

b48477264K said: Terminal 5 SUCKS. Comment. SUCKS. I agree.

louie said: can you recc. a goo comedy club in the city for a date? (with a girl) Comedy Cellar.

Cesar said: Who do you think is the best band to come out of mass in the last 10 years. Off the top of my head, All That Remains and Staind.

qwerty80 said: I put this in the Ratt thread but seeing you prolly won’t respond there, what’s this big MSG deal?! I find it hard to believe someone with your level of intelligence would ask such a naive question.

Thank you for your questions!


  • 007 said:

    Curious: What does a Cherry Coke Zero have to do with anything in this article?

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • ALL KNOWING FORCE: Andrew Bilach (author) said:

    007: Cherry Coke Zero is a phenomenal beverage. Once they come out with a Double Whopper With Cheese Zero, that will start appearing in photos on the site as well.

    At the moment, I’m all about all the Coke Zero products and must admit, I’m fond of the Pepsi Max as well.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Dennis said:

    Curious: What does a Cherry Coke Zero have to do with anything in this article?

    You’re not new to the site. You should know that answer.

    I miss Coney Island High. I remember waiting for the Village Voice to come out just to see who was playing there.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • Rick Ross said:

    When will you clowns talk about something that matters?

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  • ALL KNOWING FORCE: Andrew Bilach (author) said:

    There are many days I ask myself the same question. You’re not alone.

    I’d talk about the fact that I have lyme disease, but no one would want to hear me complain about it.

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