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An Email Slamming Chris Volz of Flaw

25 April 2010 15 Comments

By: Andrew

The following email was sent to Darius from a reader. I don’t even need to add commentary. This is that good.

Chris Volz Redemption Promo Poster


I actually loved flaw when I met em, herd em, and seen em. I still enjoy through the eyes.

that motivational poster is something I created. if you google make your own motivational poster all you need is a picture. I would love to sit here and say I took the actual photo but I found it one someone’s photo bucket. as far as them getting a hold of it I posted it on every flaw page or Chris volz page on my space. I’m one of those people who wont give up until I got the last word in. so my only guess it was up on one page that wasn’t filtered and taken from there. I want to say I posted it on his fan page on a blog.

well to your point I went to that same show. like you had said it was Chris volz and bunch of dudes. I paid 18 bucks to get into the show. risked my job and was beyond disappointed. after sitting threw like 4 songs me and my buddy were chanting black market hero. we he herd it he asked the crowd “who said that sh*t?” I raised my hand. he asked me to come on stage. I honestly thought he was going to laugh it off. when I got on stage he asked me again what I said. I repeated black market hero into the mic, opened my jacket to show him my black market hero shirt I bought from their show. he went off. saying f*ck black market hero, f*ck max, f*ck Micah. they were a bunch of bitches” (this was shortly after he done the radio interview on your show trashing them). he also said something about 40 below summer being cool. which baffled me. i really didn’t get any other words in but i did look at the band and him and say loudly “where is flaw at?” he told security to get me out of the building “for my own safety” I want to say he threw something at me when I was being escorted out but it could have been a fan. when I was standing outside the venue smoking he said something toward me “f*ck that trench coat wearing f@g. f*ck black market hero. they stole our band members and that if i didn’t get KICKED out he would of beat my a$$”. he was playing a bar, so it was all windows. he saw me trying to come back in and was egging me on. the bouncers wouldn’t let me in of course. by then their set was done i was still outside. i know he told security to call the cops so they could load up and continue on to the next bar to play at.

later that night after the show i created arsenal of sh*t on the web. mostly on my space. i sent the band page a message back where some guy tyler was replying. we had a exchange of words. when i posted the meth posted is when i herd from him. it was just your typical “stop saying lies, come to my show if your so tough” bullsh*t.

they guy is a cancer to that band and he world. he committed career suicide! he cant get along with anyone. i love how they said jay daunt was talentless. sure it might be true. the whole reason they dont get along goes back to when him and volz got in a fight. volz threw his laptop out of the tour bus window or something. seriously i dont know if the guy is on meth or not. if you look at how healthy he looks, and being from kentucky (aka the meth capital of the world) he probably is.

if you want to post this i dont care. i still want to exploit that piece of sh*t!

spliff aka joe

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    Note: You can download Chris Volz’s entire solo album for free on our free music page – yes, it’s legal. Five.Bolt.Main has two records (one studio, one live) that can be downloaded there as well.

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  • ArchedIsisByleveling said:

    This was awesome! Haha!

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  • JaxsonMS said:

    Chris Volz and a bunch of dudes!

    Later that night after the show i created arsenal of sh*t on the web.

    Classic stuff.

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  • John said:

    Chris Voltz will be sucking With daggers Drawns dicks in a week or so. There new music is the best of any of the music these guys did in there past acts. They should be on here for anther interview. Daggers is going to crush all. Voltz wishes he was 10 times the singer Max is. When he hears there new material , he might just kill himself and why shoudn’t he since no one likes him!

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  • Andrew (author) said:

    @ John … I really don’t think Chris Volz cares about With Daggers Drawn, simply because it’s apparent Chris Volz doesn’t care about himself. IF, and let me say it again – IF, Chris Volz was clean, sober, and motivated, he’d be at the head of the class as far as vocalists go. In my opinion, Chris Volz is a better singer than Max Illidge, but Max Illidge is a much, much, much better frontman. It will be interesting to see what happens with With Daggers Drawn, as the core members of that band seem inspired and hungry. But for some reason, if I’m to be honest, Max doesn’t SEEM to be of the same mindset. We’ll see what happens. All of those guys were very respectful of our show, so I wish nothing but the best of luck to them.

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  • 7yg said:

    “Chris Volz is a better singer than Max Illidge, but Max Illidge is a much, much, much better frontman.”

    I couldn’t have said it better.

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  • Ed - WDD bass said:

    Hey everyone, this is Ed, bassist for With Daggers Drawn. We have just debuted 2 new songs over at http://www.myspace.com/withdaggersdrawn and they are also available for FREE download at http://www.purevolume.com/withdaggersdrawn. These are the first songs we recorded with Max and Joey in the band. Check them out please! Hope you all dig it.

    Next show is this Friday, June 18th at the Gramercy Theater in NYC. Check out http://www.myspace.com/withdaggersdrawn for more info.


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  • Ed - WDD bass said:

    And Andrew, Max is very much into WDD. I don’t understand why you keep saying that at all.

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  • Ed-WDD bassist said:

    Andrew, Max is very much into the band, trust me. I don’t understand why you keep saying that.

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  • Andrew (author) said:

    @ Ed-WDD bassist

    Hey Ed. I hope everything is going well with the album.

    I capitalized SEEM for a reason. That was not a shot at your band, or a shot at Max, but how an outsider is viewing the situation. It doesn’t make it wrong or right.

    I want With Daggers Drawn to be a success. My only hope he’s as into it as much as you guys, and that he has the same level of enthusiasm your drummer showed when he called into our show.

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  • Ed - WDD bass said:

    I hear ya brother, thank you. Max is pumped up, no doubt about it. He is as excited as all of us are. I hate to make excuses for him but you gotta understand, the guy gets up at 5am every morning to work a job that he hates until 3pm then heads right to either our studio for rehearsals or his own to record his vocals or another band until like 10 or 11pm. By that time he is tired as fuck and that is what you heard in the last interview: A tired as fuck Max lol. He is busting his ass for this band though, believe me. He knows this is his last shot at getting back in the game that he loves. Unfortunately we are a blue collar band. We are not rich so we all have shitty ass day jobs until this band gets off the ground. I’m at my stupid ass job right now actually instead of being on the road playing music…Hopefully that all changes very soon!

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  • Andrew (author) said:

    @ Ed-WDD bassist

    I definitely admire your enthusiasm.

    I think the one thing everyone can take away from something like this, whether you’re in a band, or working in the industry, or working anywhere for that matter, is you’re always being judged. The general sentiment subsequent to that show was that Max really blew off the spot. This was coming from listeners – not myself, or anyone affiliated with the show. Sure, there was an excellent reason, but that’s how it was perceived. And as we all know, in this day and age, perception is reality.

    Most of our criticism on this show is tongue-in-cheek, and if not, anything that might be perceived (there’s that word again) as negative truly comes from a good place. We’re in this for all the right reasons.

    By the way, you should consider dropping the guys over at Tunelab a line. I really enjoy their site for music news, and they might help promote your project.

    Good luck!

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  • kitzman said:

    to all you FLAWed fans,

    if chris volz come’s near me or any of my children i will summon the police. after oldham country child support division is finshed with him maybe they will ship him up to his pappy’s in VA. for some psyc treatment. fuck you very much! 🙂

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  • Rev. Dirtbag said:

    First off, I know who Kitzman is. And if Chris comes near Dolly, Bertie or Tapi… Pray Oldham County gets to him before I do. I already had to whip his ass last year in Joliet for playing my bar. Love you all and i’ll come visit soon.

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  • Glen said:

    First off to the guy who wrote this learn some grammar.
    You are a low life bashing Ky there are good people here. You are a f*cking troll get a life you f*ckbag! I know Volz personally yeah he had his demons he needed to deal with but know your f*cking facts he is or never was on meth. Volz is originally from Bowe Maryland, Look at what life delt the guy and he beat it all. You need to go to hell and burn, what are you doing with your life that is so great? Oh wait your are trolling the internet starting lies! Ha you piece of trash! I’m from Ky and have a college degree does that make me a meth head? No your the one most likely sitting in your moms basement high on meth you looser! You are a f*cking piece of sh*t.

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